Naila Ahmed

Executive Director

Naila has been with SHINE Humanity since 2013. She has a background in Social welfare and is deeply involved in SHINE Humanity activities both here in the US and in Pakistan.

Rubina Husain

Executive Assistant

Rubina is part of our administrative team at SHINE Humanity. She has worked in various sectors in Pakistan and the US.

Faheem Khan

Chief Operating Officer

Faheem Khan has engaged in multiple endeavors through the 15 years of his professional career. A Physical Therapist by profession, Faheem was also one of the founding staff members of the prestigious Habib University in Karachi, Pakistan; where he laid in the ground work for a Wellness Center that he managed which catered to the Physical and Mental development of its students. Faheem has also worked for NOWPDP, which is an NGO helping People with Disabilities in Pakistan.

Zaheer Legahri

Project Manager

Zaheer has been with SHINE Humanity since 2013. He has held various positions with SHINE and is currently project manager at our Gharo clinic.

Shine Humanity Team