Gharo Clinic​

Our Gharo Clinic is run by a team of 4 qualified Doctors who provide Outpatient primary care, preventative health education and antenatal services. Pharmacy, ultrasound and referral services are also available.

200 patients seen daily on an average

Sina Clinic, Baldia Town​

SINA in collaboration with SHINE provides primary and preventive healthcare, pharmacy, ultrasound and laboratory services to needy residents of Baldia Town Karachi.

Around 2,000 patients seen every month.

Pani Project​

Clean water availability is an important inequity rural communities in underdeveloped countries face. The health of these communities is closely tied to the ability to access clean water and is seen by SHINE Humanity as one of the keys to transforming healthcare.

Through a generous grant from the Ogasawara foundation of Japan, SHINE has partnered with Voltek Water, a subsidiary of Voltek Energy, Inc. to install solar powered stills. in our area of service around Gharo in Sindh.

Initial installment in Goth Diam Shah, a village on the outskirts of Gharo and in our facility in Gharo has served as a test of the feasibility of the project and has resulted in improvements in the durability of the materials and techniques of installation. The improved Stills are expected to be able to withstand the harsh conditions in these areas and are now being reinstalled in Goth Diam Shah at an installed price of $500 per unit. These 8 stills are collectively expected to produce approximately 160 liters daily, enough to fulfill clean water requirements of the small village.

In phase 2 we plan to expand to nearby villages and have a near term goal of installation of 150 additional Stills.

We believe that the provision of clean water coupled with basic education in hygiene, diet, and avoidance of harmful substances makes an immeasurable difference in the healthcare outcomes in impoverished communities.

Please donate generously to our Paani Project for the purchase, installation and expansion of the Stills project and the education and hiring of health care workers.